Stepper Motor General Q&A


What is Stepper motors? What is Stepping motors driver?

Stepping motors is a special motor used for precise control rotating, its rotation is turn with fixed degree and step by step, the advantage is there is no accumulative inaccuracy. So it is widely used for turning control
The stepping motor need a driver to generate pulse, the driver is called Stepper driver. It generates a pulse to control the stepper motor move a step. So adjust the pulse freqz , it will adjust the motor speed, by Max Motor.

Stepper motor rotatin Direction is reverse as my demand, How to adjust it?

1. Change the driver system rotation direction signal;
2. Simplely , change the motor wire connection . As following:

Motor wire Type Old Connect method Reverse connect method
2Phase 4WireA,A',B,B' A',A,B,B' or A,A',B',B
3Phase 3wireA,B,CB,A,C orA,C,B
3Phase 6wireA,A',B,B',C,C'B,B',A,A',C,C' or A,A',C,C',B,B'
5phase 5wire A,B,C,D,E E,D,C,B,A

Stepping motor is 2phase/4phase 6wire or 8wires, but the driver only need 4wires, how to use it?

4phase hybrid motor is also called as 2phased hybrid motor, only 4phase motor has many metheod connection.

1 and 2 as one phase, connect to A and /A; 3 and 4 as one phase , connect to B and /B;

6 wire Stepper motor

1 and 2 as one phase , connect to A and /A ; 5 and 6 as one phase , connect to B and /B; 3 and 4 no need connect(also no short connect)

8 wire stepper motor

1 and 3 joined ,2 and 4 joined, connect to A and /A; 5 and 7 joined, 6 and 8 joined , connect to B and /B.

Motor running with high noise, no power output, and vibrate itself?

This problem caused by the motor working at oscillation priod, change the input signal FREQz to solve the problem.